Professional Colleagues
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Below please find a partial list of colleagues with whom I collaborate.  I recommend these financial professionals for their expertise and integrity.
AGFS  Robert Doty, President
    More than forty years experience as financial advisor, finance attorney, investment banker; consults with lawyers regarding municipal finance and available as expert witness; member of Securities Experts' Roundtable; author of The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Municipal Bonds

Andrew Kalotay Associates, Inc.
    High Speed Fixed Income Analytics

Kincaid Consulting, LLC
    Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

PF2 Securities Evaluations, Inc.
    Independent and specialized expertise in the evaluation of financial products, the study of financial market dynamics, and related litigation support

Solve Advisors, Inc.
    Sophisticated financial technology analytics and data

SRL Advisory Services
    Steve Lindo, Principal, specializes in risk governance and oversight, risk culture and education, risk strategy, measurement and regulatory expertise, in the US and internationally.

Text Medic Blog
    Specializing in Finance and Risk Management, also professional writing, editing, and proofreading
Paul A. M. Dirac  -  Remarkable Physicist

See this Dirac biography