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Introduction and Overview (broken into Part 1 and Part 2)
    oBrief history of lending
    oCritical role of lending in human society
    oLoans as a form of money

Analysis of Individual Borrowers (broken into Part 3Part 4 and Part 5)
    oBorrower financial performance and business quality
    oBest use of agency credit ratings
    oUtility of the Merton model and logit / probit regression

Analysis of Lenders (Part 6)
    oImpact of lender capital structure on the lending decision
    oBalance sheet leverage and maturity mismatch in lending
    oDefault risk of lenders

Credit Portfolio Management (Part 7)
    oRole of the lender’s risk portfolio in lending decisions
    oPortfolio loss distribution and marginal capital
    oRole of credit derivatives in portfolio management

Data, Models & Systems (Part 8)
      oPrimary importance of data integrity in risk management
      oBest use of models and the mitigation of “model risk”
      oData, models, and users of the lender’s risk “system”

Managing Risk in the Real World (Part 9)
    oRisk management effectiveness with limited authority
    oAdding value in approval / rejection scenarios
    oKey principle of ethical conduct in professional conflicts

Credit Risk Assessment and Management
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