"Quant Perspectives" Column - Global Assn Risk Professionals
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       August   "Bernoulli & Behavioral Finance: Both Wrong"

         June     "Quantitative Finance on a Smartphone - II"

         April     "Six Great Reasons YOU Should Learn to Code"

     February  "Ratings Reform: Blasting the Business Model"

      January  "Demonetization and the Real Value of Money"


    December  "Today's Pressing Problem in Quant Finance"

     October    "Risk Culture:  What Matters Most?"

  September  "Uniting Experience with Imagination"

     August     "SmartFinance: Quant Finance on Smartphone"

       June       "Think in Code, Young Risk Analyst!"

        May       "Rapid Monte Carlo Simulation"

       April     "Quant's View of Negative Interest Rates: Part II"

      March     "Banking Basics: China and Its Alarming NPLs"

    February   "Liquidity Liberation for Mutual Funds"

    January     "How to Assess and Measure Credit Risk"


  November   "Before #BigData, Let's Confront #BadData"

    October    "Mortgage Madness"

    August     "A Flight Simulator for Financial Risk"

       July       "Greece, Black Holes and Banks' Ankles"

      June       "The Greatest Global Financial Risk"

       May       "Decisions:  Life & Death on Wall Street"      

      April      "A Quant's View of Negative Interest Rates"

  February   "Fixing Banking - Volcker Rule on Steroids"

   January    "Fixing Banking - Part II"


 December  "Fixing Banking - Part I"

November  "A Bailout Plan to Increase Systemic Risk?"

    October  "Book Excerpt:  Banking on Failure"

September  "How to Build Disastrous Financial Models"

     August  "Banks and Political Bargains"

      July      "Are Systemically Important Banks Junk Credits?"

      June     "Monetary Policy Risk?  Deflation!"